A guide to fitting your Happy Nappy or Jammers

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Fact of life: babies poo whenever they feel the need, and even happily toilet-trained toddlers can ignore the warning signs when they’re having loads of fun.

That’s why all water babies, baby or toddler, must wear our double nappy system at their swim classes, which means a paper swim nappy (disposable or reusable) with an approved neoprene nappy or jammers over the top. Our extensive research shows that this combination is best for avoiding accidents in the pool (seriously, you’ll thank us!).

How to correctly measure and fit your Happy Nappy

Measuring your baby for their Happy Nappy is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  • Step One

    Measure around baby’s waist. We recommend measuring at tummy button height to get an accurate measurement.

  • Step Two

    Measure around the tops of baby’s thighs. We recommend measuring at the very top of the thigh where it is thickest.

  • Step Three

    Once measured check to see if the Happy Nappy is properly fitted. The nappy should be fully moulded to baby’s bottom.

Size Guide

  • Happy Nappy

    Size Age Waist Thigh
    XS Newborn 31 - 38cm 15 - 20cm
    S 0-3 months 34 - 41cm 17 - 22cm
    M 3-6 months 37 - 44cm 19 - 24cm
    L 6-12 months 40 - 47cm 20 - 26cm
    XL 12-24 months 42 - 50cm 22 - 31cm
    XXL Toddler 44 - 52cm 26 - 33cm
  • Jammers

    Size Age Waist Thigh
    S 2-3 years 44 - 52cm 24 - 30cm
    M 3-4 years 46 - 54cm 26 - 32cm
    L 4-5 years 48 - 56cm 28 - 34cm

What to look for…

A correct fitting Happy Nappy makes all the difference…

  • The right fit

    Waist band sits snugly against baby’s waist and leg cuffs are secure against the leg with no gapping.

  • The wrong fit

    No under nappy should be seen; it breaks the seal and allows leaks to escape.

Top Tip

You should be able to fit two fingers held flat inside the waistband and the leg cuffs. The correct pressure should feel snug against your babies body but not too tight.

NB - Jammers need to be snug against the thigh so that the silicon forms a seal.