Floating Forest Collection

🌴☀️ Discover the New Floating Forest Collection🥥🏝️

Introducing our newest baby swimwear collection, Floating Forest. Get transported to the enchanting shores of the magical islands across Oceans of Imagination, where palm trees sway gently in the ocean breeze and golden suns cast their warm glow, set against a backdrop of the bluest skies. Follow Bubba the Whale and the Swimvincibles into this whimsical world, and explore the wonders of the water with confidence. Dive into Oceans of Imagination with our vibrant "Floating Forest" print, where every splash is a new adventure waiting to unfold. 🌅

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    Our favourite duo: two in a pod 🫛🍃

    Ditch disposable swim nappies for good with the DUO range. Approved as a 2-in-1 swim nappy, it includes an integrated silver lined nappy wrap, which means there's no need for any other layers to conform with the Double Nappy System. Now also available for toddlers in a sporty Jammers design!

    Floating Forest Happy Nappy DUO™

    The only swim nappy with an inner layer lined with silver. Scientifically proven to kill germs that chlorine on its own can't, the Happy Nappy DUO™ helps protect your baby, you, and other swimmers while still providing the same reliable leak protection as the Happy Nappy™.

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    Floating Forest Jammers DUO™

    The perfect solution for toddlers, providing you and your child with all the assurance and antibacterial properties of a Happy Nappy DUO™ in a more grown up and sporty design. The Jammers DUO™ are also approved as a Double Nappy System, without looking like a swim nappy.

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    2-in-1 Baby Wetsuit

    Floating Forest Happy Nappy™ Wetsuit

    Great when swimming in leisure centres or making waves in the sea, it's been designed with your little one's comfort and your own convenience in mind, featuring a quick-fit neck to waist zip in the back for swift changes. It also offers a better grip when holding little ones, especially if wearing barrier creams.👌

    🔥 Made from high quality 1mm thick super soft neoprene, keeping little ones' core body and arms warm.

    🩲 2-in-1 product, this baby wetsuit includes an Original Happy Nappy™ built-in, so no need to buy both. 

    🐳 Perfect for Water Babies lessons, just add an Under Nappy or Nappy Wrap.

    ☀️ UPF 50+ sun protection for outdoor use, ideal for holiday breaks!

    Fleece-lined Comfort

    Floating Forest Warm in One™

    Our warmest baby wetsuit, the Warm in One™ is super easy to put on and off thanks to the deep back opening with Velcro fastening. Perfect for trips to cooler pools or days at the beach, since it also offers UPF 50+ sun protection!

    🏊‍♀️ Great fit to be paired with a Happy Nappy DUOduring swimming lessons

    🪶 Made from super cozy fleece-lined nylon, with elastic cuffs and ankles.

    🛡️ Long arms and legs for extra cover, protecting sensitive young skin.

    🔒 Ideal for children with sensitive skin and eczema, keeping barrier creams in place.

    Fuss-free Changing

    Floating Forest Baby Wrap™

    A hug of an outfit, this gorgeous wetsuit features Velcro straps fastening and opens out completely flat, making it the easiest wetsuit in our range to put on and take off, while fitting comfortably over your Happy Nappy DUO™. Ideal for getting a better grip when holding your little one in the water, while keeping their core body warm.

    🌡️ Made from super supple 2mm thick neoprene, helping with body temperature regulation.

    🐠 Offers maximum freedom of movement on arms and legs, allowing your little one to enjoy the feeling of the water around them.

    👌 It can be easily adjusted to fit, allowing for some extra growing room!

    🏖️ Going to the beach or an outdoors pool? The Baby Wrap™ is also UPF 50+ rated!

    Two times safe

    Wetsuits for warmth and UV protection

    Whether you're splashing in the pool or exploring the beach, baby wetsuits provide the perfect balance of comfort and safety. With their snug fit and UV-blocking fabric, you can rest assured knowing your little one is protected from harmful rays while staying cozy in the water. Dive into our latest blog post to discover more about the benefits of baby wetsuits and why they're such a game-changer! 🌊☀️

    Who lives in Floating Forest?

    Sculli, our Head of Core Aquatic Skills

    Have you already met Sculli, member of The Swimvincibles? A really positive spirit, when Sculli's not thinking about how to improve children's core aquatic skills, she's making things from the pieces of driftwood she's found in and around Floating Forest, her island home. Always floating around looking for someone to help, she's never happier than when she's surrounded by nature. She's always motivating everyone by saying, "Push and glide, now smile with pride."

    Not swimming with us yet?

    If you haven't joined us in the pool yet, you're missing out on a bubbling fountain of fun for both you and your little one. Our highly qualified teachers, with the help of our swimming super stars, the Swimvincibles, are here to guide your baby's swimming journey every splash of the way. From the first tentative paddles to confident strokes, we're dedicated to fostering a love of water in the safest and most enjoyable way possible. Come on in and explore the magic of Oceans of Imagination, our new and immersive swimming programme!