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    There are hundreds of swimming goggles available in the market, so getting the right ones can be tricky. Browse our selection of tried and tested goggles so you and your little one can see clearly underwater. It's important to wear ones with clear lenses so that your baby can recognise you easily underwater (wear them around the house a few times so they can get used to your new face!).

    We sell the same Aquasphere swim goggles for adults that our teachers use in the pool every week, so you can be sure they have been well tested. We also sell the same brand of toddler goggles for when they need them. 

    All our Aqua Sphere goggles have easy adjust straps to make life simple, so you can alter them while wearing them during your swimming lessons. 👌 We also offer a couple of extra options, so you can find the perfect pair to fir your little one's unique style and needs. 

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