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Floating Forest Collection

Discover our new swimwear collection, including Happy Nappy Wetsuits, Baby Wraps, Warm in Ones, Happy Nappy DUOs and our brand new range, the Jammers DUO. 🏝️☀️

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Learn all about the DUOs

Explore all the features that make the DUOs the most technologically advanced swim nappies, including a 2-in-1 double-layer design for superior leak protection and comfort in the water.

Puddle suit Comfort

Waterproof Onesies

Keep warm and cosy after swimming with our rain-ready all-in-ones!

Thermal Base Layers for all the family 👌

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Don't miss out on our reduced to clear section, featuring items for the whole family. 👀 From UV Sunsuits to float jackets and funky clothing for your little one, plus our super fluffy onesies for grown-ups. Grab a bargain while stock lasts!

Aquasphere Goggles & Swim Masks 🥽

Dive into crystal-clear waters with Aquasphere's premium goggles and masks. Perfect for young children and adults alike. See clearly, swim comfortably!

Aquasphere Seal Kid 2, the best swim mask for children ages 3+

Seal Kid 2 in Lime Green

The evolution of the original swim mask for children, the Seal Kid 2 range delivers a leak-free fit for children as young as 3 years old.


Seal Kid 2 in Pink

The Seal Kid 2 utilizes Aquasphere curved lenses technology for a wide field of vision, making children more confident in the water.

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Seal Kids 2 in Blue

The easy-adjust side buckles of the Seal Kid 2 are super simple for kids or parents to adjust even while wearing, great for Water Babies lessons!

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In need of some goggles for yourself? 🏊‍♀️

Kaiman Clear Goggles

The Kaiman range was designed with comfort and fit in mind, featuring Aqua Sphere's Softeril for an ultra soft skirt and a leak resistant seal.

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Kaiman Small Fit

Similar to Kaiman Clear, these swimming goggles are specially made for smaller faces, ensuring a leak-free experience.


Kaiman EXO in Petrol Blue

The Kaiman EXO incorporates bi-material frame technology, combining a semi-rigid exoskeleton for lens protection, integrated structure and stability, with an ultra soft Softeril skirt for a streamlined design, comfort and greater fit.

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Kaiman EXO in Black

The Kaiman EXO goggles are the perfect all-rounders for both vision and comfort. As the whole range, it comes with a handy protective case!

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VISTA Swim Mask in Blue

With its soft silicone skirt, the Vista range is all about comfort, and because it is a mask the suction means it needs less adjusting... which means more time to spend splashing with your little one.

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VISTA Swim Mask in Raspberry

Featuring Aqua Sphere's easy one-touch push button that makes tightening and loosening quick and easy, so you can quickly adjust them with one hand during your little one's swimming lesson, whilst holding your baby in the other.


Tested in lessons!

The Happy Nappy

Our Happy Nappy is the most reliable swim nappy in the world with the safest, most leak-free fit.

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After Swim Onesies

Nothing like a fleece-lined waterproof onesie to keep your little one warm on the journey home after your Water Babies lesson.

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Mix & Match

Browse our catalogue by themes to create your own sets of matching swimwear and swimming accessories for your little one.

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Taking quality seriously

Our Water Babies range is backed by rigorous research and meticulous quality standards so that you and your little one can enjoy the water at home or on holiday, as well as in lessons.

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