Swim Eyewear for Adults


    There are a bunch of good reasons to get yourself a high quality pair of goggles or a comfy swim mask, especially when attending your Water Babies lessons with your little one. 💦

    First of all, goggles create a watertight seal around the eyes, keeping water out, so you can see your baby swimming underwater comfortably during your lessons. A tip? Always pick goggles or swim masks with clear lenses when attending your Water Babies lessons, so it's easier for your little one to recognise you. This helps them relax, boosting their confidence and making the learning process more enjoyable. 

    Goggles and swim masks also offer protection from eye infections and discomfort, while providing a barrier against chlorinated water, which prevents irritation and redness. Plus they enhance visibility, reducing the risk of accidental collisions and making it easier to navigate underwater. 🐳 That's why goggles can be an incredibly helpful tool that gradually empowers adults who don't feel 100% comfortable putting their head underwater, providing a sense of safety and control underwater.

    Ready to dive into crystal-clear vision underwater? Browse our selection of goggles and swim masks for adults. Aquasphere is the same brand of swim goggles that our teachers use in the pool every week, so you can rest assured they have been well tested!

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