Swim Nappy Liners & Wraps


    All the under-nappies and nappy wraps on this page are approved for use as part of the Double Layer Nappy System during your Water Babies swimming lessons. They are designed to be worn underneath a Happy Nappy, Jammers and other Happy Nappy products, like Happy Nappy Costumes or Happy Nappy Wetsuits, to prevent leaks in the pool without the need of a disposable swim nappy!

    Would you like to make changing and cleaning even easier? Then add to your basket a pack of 100% Biodegradable Bamboo Nappy Liners. As they are made of from 100% biodegradable, chemical free, bamboo non-woven material, they can be disposed of in a compost bin and will completely break down 🍃

    Would you like to avoid nappy wraps and under nappies altogether during your little one's swimming lessons? Browse our Happy Nappy DUO range. The Happy Nappy DUO and the Jammers DUO have been approved as a Double Nappy System, as it's a double nappy in one!

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