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Get rid of fog and wear with the Aquasphere Goggle Care Kit. Simply add any Aquasphere goggle or swim mask to your shopping cart, and your gift will be automatically included at checkout. Limited units available!

This free Aquasphere Goggle Care Kit includes:

  • Sea-Clear Anti-fog Spray (10cc)
  • Branded Protective Pouch
  • Swim Eyewear Care Guide
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Why are swimming goggles essential?

Whether you are getting ready to see your baby underwater for first time during your Water Babies lessons, or looking for your little one's first swimming goggles, incorporating goggles into your swimming lessons creates a safe, comfortable and enjoyable environment, encouraging little ones to develop essential water skills while having fun.

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    Learn More About Aquasphere 🥽

    Made in Italy

    Born in Italy in 1998, Aqua Sphere's swim eyewear combines performance, reliability and comfort. Inspired by years of working in the scuba diving industry, it took the Italian engineers, P. Ferraro and G. Beltrani, 2 years of experimenting, testing and prototyping to finally patent the first curved lens with no visibility distortion, a technology now incorporated to all Aquasphere goggles.

    Patented Curved Lens

    The premium optical engineering based on 3 key placed radius brings a panoramic field of vision. Including clear, scratch resistant lenses with anti-fog coating that transmits natural light for maximized clarity and comfort. Aquasphere isn't just a well-known brand, their goggles are the ones that our teachers use in the pool every week, so you can be sure they have been well tested.

    EZ Adjust Buckle

    Featuring easy-adjust side buckles, Aquasphere goggles and masks are super easy for parents and kids alike to adjust, even while wearing, making them perfect for swimming lessons! Simply pull the straps back to your desired level of tension for a leak free fit or lift the buckle tabs and pull the goggle forward to loosen.

    Ultra Soft Softeril Skirt

    Allowing for maximum comfort and a leak resistant seal, the ultrasoft Softeril gasket seal around the eyes provides a gentle but great leak-resistant join, even when diving or continually taking the goggles on and off during lessons! Aquasphere goggles are also Latex free and hypoallergenic.

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    Born in Italy in 1998, and sharpened over more than 30 years of research, Aqua Sphere craftsmanship excellence is based on advanced patented technologies, high-quality materials, and driven by the swimmers community, from competitive swimmers to casual adventurers and water babies!

    Some key reasons to invest in high quality goggles 🔑

    There are a bunch of good reasons to get yourself a nice pair of goggles or a good swim mask, especially when attending your Water Babies lessons with your little one. These are some of them:

    • Eye Protection: Goggles offer protection from eye infections and discomfort. They also provide a barrier against chlorinated water, preventing irritation and redness.
    • Comfort: Goggles create a watertight seal around the eyes, keeping water out, so you can see your baby underwater comfortably during your swimming lessons.
    • Confidence Building: Always pick goggles or swim masks with clear lenses when attending your Water Babies lessons, so it's easier for your little one to recognise you. This helps them relax, boosting their confidence and making the learning process more enjoyable.
    • Safety: Goggles enhance visibility, reducing the risk of accidental collisions and making it easier to navigate underwater.
    • Positive Experience: Goggles can be an incredibly helpful tool that gradually empowers adults who don't feel 100% comfortable putting their head underwater, by providing a sense of safety and control underwater.