Summer Safety

Summer Safety

🦺Summer Safety With Water Babies🛟

There's nothing more important than knowing that your little one has the ability to keep themselves safe. That's why safety skills are at the heart of all that we do, and form a key part of every Water Babies lesson. 

To help keep your little one safe during the summer break, we also provide a range of products thoroughly tested, giving you peace of mind while your little one gains water confidence. Our Water Babies range is backed by rigorous research and meticulous quality standards so that you and your little one can enjoy the water (and sun!) safely.


Saffi, our Water Safety Officer

Have you already met Saffi, member of The Swimvincibles? A bustling bundle of energy, young Saffi is our Water Safety Officer, who prides herself on being able to spot a potential water hazard, even with her eyes closed! A native of Lighthouse Lagoon, one of the 4 magical islands inhabited by The Swimvincibles and their friends, she's always shining a light on the importance of being safe in and around the water, and her commitment to dotting every 'i' and crossing every 't' is a source of good-natured amusement to the others. You'll always hear her say, "better safe than soggy". Saffi will be providing her expert water safety advice to families both in and out of the pool. So this summer you can learn how to enjoy the water safely, outside of lessons. Ready to hear some of her tips? Keep reading!

Thinking ahead

Be aware of your surroundings

Always check if there's a lifeguard on duty, whether there are any slippery surfaces, cracked tiles at the pool or sharp rocks and shells at the beach. Remember that outdoor pools and open water can be extremely cold, even on a hot day. Thermal base layers and wetsuits will keep your little one warm for longer.


Protecting your little one's feet

Manufactured using light, flexible, quick-drying and breathable fabric and featuring a firm grip sole, Slipfree® shoes help protect their delicate, growing feet from harsh elements such as hot sand, sharp objects and shells, rough surfaces or slippery rocks.

Be summer ready

Kit your baby out in all the gear

Build a summer wardrobe with your little one's safety in mind. Sun hats if you're outside, UV protective clothing such as sunsuits, or wetsuits if you're worried they might get a bit chilly; and for older toddlers, a float jacket can give them a little bit of independence (always under supervision).

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Swimming in a pool?

Check that the temperature of the pool is at least 32° for newborns and babies under 12 weeks or 12 pounds, and 30° for older babies.

Stay two times safe

Wetsuits for warmth and UV protection

It's easy for younger children to get cold while swimming, as they can't regulate their body temperature very well. That's why baby and toddler wetsuits come in so handy – they provide extra warmth and protection from the sun while your little one is splashing about.

Sleeveless toddler wetsuit in navy and blue with water babies logo
Water Babies Toddler Wetsuit
Water Babies Toddler Wetsuit
Water Babies Toddler Wetsuit
Water Babies Toddler Wetsuit
Water Babies Toddler Wetsuit
Water Babies Toddler Wetsuit
Water Babies Toddler Wetsuit
Water Babies Toddler Wetsuit
Water Babies Toddler Wetsuit

Water Babies Toddler Wetsuit

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🌊Thermal Base Layers for Everyone🌊

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Keep a watchful eye

Remember: floatation devices are NOT life preservers

Flotation devices and buoyancy aids can be a fun experience for babies and children, however these are not life preservers and even if your little one has floats, you shouldn't take your eyes off them. These can either float away with currents and tides, or even tip over with your little one inside.

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SwimFin Shark Fins

Safe & Fun

Certified as a toy and flotation device, and endorsed by RLSS, SwimFin allows children to have a more realistic swimming position in the water, as well as unrestricted movement of their arms and legs which helps children to feel more secure and safe in the water!

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Make bath-time fun

Start introducing water to your baby in a fun environment by making bath time enjoyable with songs and toys. This positive association will then be transferred to the swimming pool and bigger water based environments. Our cheeky fish toys are made from 100% natural rubber, making a perfect bath toy, completely safe for your little one to chew!

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But most importantly...

Start swimming lessons as early as possible

There are few things in life more important than teaching litte ones how to swim. Our immersive Oceans of Imagination program puts children at the heart to give a lifelong love of swimming and a skill for life. Follow Bubba the Whale and his friends, The Swimvincibles, on a journey to share their swimming skills and love of the water with babies and young children through fun adventures and play 🐋 Learning to swim has never been so immersive!

Hungry for more?

Read our in-depth page about summer safety and learn more with our Aquatics Director at Water Babies, Hannah Smith.